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The Amazing Spider-man 2 (2014) – Movie Review

Hot off the press with The Amazing Spider-man 2’s official release in Malaysia today. Check out this review of the movie. Warning, spoilers ahead.

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Sexy Iron Man

The third instalment of Iron Man is all about Robert Downey Jr. This guy has come a long way since his drug addiction days. Perhaps it was the substances that made him such a great actor he is today. What I love about Iron Man 3 is that it tries to humanise the superhero so […]

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Skyfall (Movie Review)

Finally, the most anticipated James Bond movie has arrived. I went, I saw but I was slightly disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, the movie was good in many aspects. It just fell short of my expectations. This movie very much kept to what one would expect to see in a Bond movie – exciting car […]

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