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Web Content

Using the technique of SEO Writing, I can help drive traffic to your website by providing a content that is rich in relevant keywords to your field. Writing style can also be tailored to suit your image, be it corporate, informative or even playful.


This includes proofreading, editing for grammatical errors or rewriting parts of it if required. All editing will be done with the objective of achieving a consistent style and great flow in the content to project a professional image.


Articles on various topics ranging from human resource, culinary to health, books including children stories, short stories, novels or informative booklets on home décor, I write them all. Most importantly, you get your name printed on the finished and polished work, how could you not love a ghostwriter?


You believe in your own products but how can you convince the world to buy it? Finding a good copywriter is one way to do it. A good copy can help you market your products without you being there. I will be your partner in writing to help you achieve that through creative copywriting.

Informative Writing

Effective dissemination of information in the modern world can take many forms such as newsletter, brochures, posters, press releases or e-newsletters, each with its differences and specific roles. Let me help you to write an effective piece to share your business information.


A fresh pair of eyes is all you need to create a pristine written copy without any jarring spelling mistake. I provide English proofreading services with precision to help you create the best possible written work.


I can also translate any non-technical material from Mandarin to English, English to Malay and vice versa.

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