Agnes Ong –The Story

Being positive and staying true to myself – these are the virtues I live by as my life has been nothing but a constant challenge after challenge.

You see, having a nerve condition causing involuntary facial movements and slightly slurred speech had me being labelled as “cerebral palsy”, “disabled” and “handicapped”, among others,  in the past. I don’t blame nor hold grudges against those who judged me so. I understand it is hard for many people to get past that flawed appearance to see the real potential in me. Many easily dismissed me or are afraid to take a chance on me.

This predicament of mine has done little to put me down or make me stop believing in myself. Why should I? In fact, it has spurred me to work even harder to prove myself. 

I went on to graduate with First Class Honors in Bachelor of Economics majoring in Business Administration from University Malaya – an achievement which I am extremely proud of till today. Writing has always been my passion, embedded deep within my soul. My first job as a researcher exposed me to the art of academic writing but it didn’t take long to make me realise that this form of writing stifled my creativity. 

I began to gravitate towards other avenues to express myself, that’s when I ventured into copywriting. Taking a bold step to pursue my passion in writing, I switched job to become a junior copywriter with a dotcom company and never looked back.

Since then, I worked in various positions on a freelance or permanent basis in large corporations, advertising agencies as well as SMEs that allowed me to hone my copywriting, writing, editing and translation skills. My working experience has exposed me to different forms of commercial and business writing commercial and business writing for print and online mediums.

Through the years, I have worked with many clients both on the job and as a freelancer. Many expressed gratitude and were happy with the work I delivered. More significantly, many were also impressed by my determination to overcome my life challenges.

Rest assured, it is this determination that drives me to produce the best for my clients. I also find helping others to put their thoughts down in words a very satisfying experience. It is especially so when the written copy serves its intended purpose, whether it is to provide information, secure a business deal, or simply to entertain.

So, make the choice and write with me