Happy Teacher’s Day

During my pre-teen years, I vaguely remembered listing ‘teacher’ as one of my many different ambitions. Thank God I didn’t actually become one as I would have made a terrible teacher.

It was not by chance that I discovered I didn’t have what it takes to be a teacher. While waiting for my government examination results to enter university, I had lots of free time. So, I decided to become a tutor to earn some pocket money. I thought Mandarin to a 7-year-old boy who was my neighbour’s son. My job was simple, just get him to write the Chinese characters and read them back to me.

This boy was exceptionally hyperactive. I didn’t know anything about ADHD during that time but looking back, he most probably had that. He could not sit still during the lesson. No amount of cajoling, chiding or disciplining could settle him. Needless to say, he got on my nerves all the time. It got to a point where I was looking forward to the end of the lesson before it began.

After that, I knew teaching was not my thing. Even though not all students have ADHD, but I really can’t imagine myself handling a class of over 40 students on a daily basis – putting up with their bad behaviour, managing their grades and motivating them. The mere thought of all the work tires me out.

Besides teaching, a teacher also wears many hats – psychologist, motivator, and disciplinarian. The good ones will inspire their students to achieve greatness and thus securing the future of the country. This is not an easy task and very few can actually do it really well.

So, on this day, I want to thank all those wonderful teachers who have shape my life. Teachers are the building block of every society and I think many do not get the credit they deserve for a lifetime of hard work and dedication.

Here’s to all the wonderful teachers out there, you are most appreciated even though many don’t say it. Happy Teacher’s Day!

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