They say youth is wasted on the young
because when you are still untouched
by the cruelty and injustice of the world
you think that those who give you
what you want are your true friends,
even more precious than you own
flesh and blood.

Armed with the little knowledge and wisdom,
your young blood boils over
with eagerness to conquer the world
and prove all naysayers wrong
about what you can or cannot do,
turning a deaf ear to wisdom
beyond your years, too swiftly.

With the stamina of a horse,
heart of a lion, and curiosity of a cat
you want to try everything
seek out every adventure,
go down a forbidden path
even if it is froth with danger in disguise.
Youth compels you to throw caution in the air.

Alas, many will discover the first taste of
defeat, rejection, and heartbreak.
It feels like your world has come crashing down
and you may never recover from
the pain, loss and devastation.
Youth heals but for some,
there may be scars to mark your journey in life.

Despite the recklessness and foolishness,
many still look back to their youth
years later to savour the sweetest memories
or revisit the hard lessons learned.
So, you see, Youth has served its purpose
as an adventurer, daredevil and a teacher.
Youth is not really wasted on the young, after all.

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