Love’s Life


As a child, Love in warm,
playful, cheeky and adorable.
She is so easy to please
with kisses, hugs and instant noodles.

She grows to a beautiful girl, too quickly
sweet, vulnerable, and innocent,
dreaming of knights in shining armour,
only to have her heart broken by Cupid’s poison.

In full bloom, Love is no longer naïve.
She is strong, desirable, and ambitious,
on a quest to seek out that someone special,
who will fill her heart  and make her feel oh, so precious.

A little wiser now, she knows everyone changes
even the ones who swear they never will.
Through many battles won and lost,
she learns to cherish only those who remain by her side, still.

Weary and worn in her twilight years,
Love has seen too much pain, loss and tears.
All she wants is to relive her moments of happiness,
to hang on to hope when the end is near.

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