I Am Who I Am

Petite and short
A model, I’m not
I don’t have the perfect smile
nor do my lips have a sexy pout.

I wish I could be graceful
like a ballerina
but I have two left feet
and can’t even manage the Macarena.

My nerves are shot
and I jerk and twitch
If I make you uncomfortable
I’m sorry but I can’t help it.

Listening to me can be hard
cos my words get swallowed up
But please hear me out
There’s much I want to talk about.

No one is perfect
so they say
But sometimes I just want
to find a place and hide away.

At the end of the day
one thing’s for sure
When some things can’t be changed
there’s no use searching for a ‘cure’.

The way I am
is just the way it is
All I can do is
to make the best of it.

To family and friends
who have held me dear
I thank each of you
for keeping it real.

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