Gravity – A Tribute

It keeps coffee in your mug,
reminds you that you’re alive
when you hit the pavement.
It brings the rain down
to console a weary heart.
Gravity is life.

It never lets anything stray far.
Be it a red balloon floating away,
or a private jet zooming in the sky.
Everything must return to earth,
grounded and encased in her grasp
for Gravity’s greed sees no boundaries.

A bouncing ball teases little children.
In awe we stand
before a cascading waterfall,
marvelling at the beauty of falling snow,
wishing upon a shooting star.
It is Gravity at play that delights us.

We are brought down to earth
to stare reality in the face.
Rich or poor, plain or beautiful, royalty or peasant,
no creed nor colour, no exception,
and no escape from
the humbling force of Gravity.

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