Beauty is only skin deep  – this adage used over centuries by trillions of people is old and tired, and unfortunately not making any headway in asserting its worth.

The obsession with beauty among the younger generation is becoming so much more entrenched than before with technological advancement. This is evident with the phenomenal trend of selfies. Let’s face it, most selfies are taken to show off. It’s a great way for self-expression but for some, it has become an unhealthy obsession to be camera-perfect.

It does not help that modern pop culture endorses such a fixation with reality shows starring celebrities, models and rich kids. These people build their success based on looks for the most parts. The content of some of these shows are particularly damaging to young girls who have not yet discover their self-worth. These shows conditioned them to think that good looks guarantee success.

The proliferation of slimming centres and plastic surgery in this century is also proof that more and more people are addicted to the notion of being perfect as personified by the media. Such a trend has cost many lives in Korea where it is no secret that many of the country’s hottest celebrities go under the knife to have the perfect face or body. Some stars have committed suicide as they crumble under the immense pressure to be beautiful always.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to beautiful, but the continuous emphasis on appearance has become a big part of why humanity continues to deteriorate. While there are some advocates of inner beauty, they fight a losing battle against the barrage of offline and online media heralding the latest beauty products or parading the latest fashion on stick-thin models.

As human become more and more self-centred in enhancing their own beauty, they become blind to the beauty around them. The loss of such sensitivity will only result in the loss of innocence, moderation and empathy – the very qualities that would ensure the continued survival of human race and the essence of creating a peaceful world.

So, girls and ladies out there, be thankful for how you look as we are all perfect in the eyes of God. Think twice the next time you want to criticize someone for their appearance as you are as superficial as your comments. Boyfriends and husbands, the woman in your life will never be the next beauty queen, and if she is, then congratulations but remember age spares no one. If you really love her, you can look past her physical faults and embrace her for who she is.

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  • Snuze says:

    A very good issue to contemplate, Agnes. Thank you for sharing.

  • Amelia says:

    Selfies as a vehicle for being more obsessed about beauty, interesting idea. And also, I suspect, quite true. I think it’ll take much longer for beauty to be defined as skin deep. Now, it’s very much outer only.

  • Bish Denham says:

    Hi, I’m an AZtech minion visiting. Thanks for taking the challenge!

    I have never worn makeup and am always overwhelmed when I walk through the makeup aisles in stores. Beauty is a HUGE industry. For what I don’t know… it seems to be all about appealing to one’s vanity.

    • Angie says:

      I know, it’s all cos of mind-conditioning from all those glossy mags and celebrities who are so picture perfect, sigh

  • Abby J Reed says:

    Great post for B! My favorite type of selfie are the I-just-happened-to-wake-up-looking-this-beautiful selfie. As if they didn’t just crawl back into bed after spending an hour in the mirror.

    • Angie says:

      Haha, the other one that makes my skin crawl is top down shot with extra large dewy eyes and pouty lips. I mean c’mon, there is enough porn out there already!!

  • anna says:

    So agree with you. We are such a self-absorbed society and getting more so. I think beauty of character is so much more worth it – but so hard to find (and notice) when everyone is clamouring for attention.

  • Kristen Dyrr says:

    I’m having fun with photography, and I had been so surprised and weirded out when I first saw some selfies. People making all sorts of weird faces! I wondered why so many people were doing them. I mean, they all kinda looked the same, so I was thinking that if they were trying to make photos that looked original, they weren’t doing a very good job at it. LOL!

    I actually did my first two “selfies” within the past few weeks, but one of my pets is actually the focal point of each. I’m not wearing makeup, and I always hide half or more of my face, because I actually don’t really like to have my picture taken. :)

    Random Musings from the KristenHead — B is for ‘Believe’ (and Behold the Beguiling Beauty of the Beach)

    • Angie says:

      haha experimenting is fine but there are some people who do it just to show off which irritates me. I never did any selfie cos I don’t like taking pictures.


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