Blogging from A to Z Challenge – April 2014

Yes! I have finally registered to participate in this year’s A to Z Blogging Challenge. This is my first time taking part in this event and I am excited yet nervous at the same time.

Writing has always been my first love. I have begun to put more effort and time into writing fiction since last year. I took some courses and read up on writing as much as I could. I am very thankful for my teachers and mentors who have given me lots of tips and much encouragement to push me further in my writing.

Armed with new knowledge, I tried my hand at submitting to some local anthologies. I was over the moon when two of my stories made it to the final lists. The two anthologies are:


For more information on the anthologies, check out my Goodreads Author Profile.

I know there is still much room for improvement in my writing. One common advice from my mentors and fellow writers on how to improve one’s writing would be to do just that – write, write and write some more. And the A to Z Blogging Challenge is the best way to ensure that I write daily, at least for the month of April.

So, here I am, committing myself to write almost every day with the A to Z Blogging Challenge. For those who don’t know how this works, it is a challenge for a blogger to post a blog each day (except on Sunday) for the whole month of April. The topics must start from the alphabet A to Z. It can be random or follow a theme.

As of today, I have not really decided on the theme, if any, for this blogging challenge. But for those who want to follow my blog and blog posts, I hope you enjoy reading my work.

Here’s to a runaway writing success in April!

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