Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction


Mythology, supernatural, the futuristic world and tales of the unknown have fascinated me as a reader. Naturally, I gravitate towards writing about these subjects in my stories. So, when Solarwyrm Press called for submissions in the genre of speculative fiction, I jumped at the chance to tell my story.

After one of my stories was published in Love in Penang – a Fixi Novo Anthology, I have submitted two more stories for publication in local anthologies. One got rejected and the second one accepted by Solarwyrm Press in Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction. One out of two so far, not bad, eh 😉

It gives me great pleasure to know that my story was selected from many others who submitted from across the region. Amok is a collection of 24 stories covering all types of weird, spooky, fantastical and futuristic tales that would take readers to whole new realms.

The title of my story is The Seventh Month and I would like to share a snippet of it here:

“I was flying through the crowd, driven by adrenalin like jet fuel. All the faces I passed were a blur. Their screams of agony gave me pleasure. I was unstoppable. Sensing an imminent attack from my right, I swung my cleaver around to block my enemy’s advance but my arm stayed limp. I looked to find my cleaver lying on the ground, shimmering red in blood. It was only then that I saw blood oozing out from my right sleeve.”

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