KomPassion Thai Fusion Food: Taste as good as it looks

Had dinner at KomPassion Thai Fusion Food in Damansara Kim recently. This place has plenty to offer:

Ambience – Contemporary décor using lots of odd items such as steel pipes with hanging large old-fashion clear bulbs with burning filaments inside. Dirt-washed walls and dim lighting give it a street feel, yet still manage to maintain a classy and cosy touch.









Fish Tom Yam, Grilled Chicken Green Curry, Kai Lan

Love the option where you can customize the spiciness of your Tom Yam. We chose level 2 which is already quite hot. They used snapper and salmon for the fish. Snapper had a clean, sweet taste which I loved but didn’t quite like the salmon which is tasted too rich for this spicy broth.

Green curry was a delight. Instead of just cooking the chicken pieces in the curry, the meat was grilled with a hint of honey before it went into the curry. Hence, the sweetness of the grilled chicken was great contrast to the richness of the green curry.

Kai lan was stirred fried. Still very green and crunchy, not overcooked, just the way it should be.

Thai fried rice with prawns. Presentation was nice. Rice was well seasoned. Lovely combination with the some fruits including grapes, rambutan and pineapple.

Service was very prompt and courteous. The food must appeal to many people as many customers came during the course of our dinner, quickly filling up the restaurant. It also has an upstairs level so no need to line up.

Overall, the food in this place is better than the other Thai fusion restaurant, My Elephant. But, it does come with a higher price tag. Despite the price, it is worth every slurp and bite. Highly recommended.



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