The Big Four

The Big FourFour decades flew by
with many ripples,
some splashes of tears
but mostly sprinkles of joy.

There were many characters too.
Some in passing and forgettable
but some while brief were memorable
thanks for being part of my journey.

For those who decided
to be my travel companions,
thanks for the good times
and the support during the bad.

Just an ordinary life,
but a good one nonetheless.
Human as I am like everyone else,
riding the waves of existence.

Sometimes I wish I could be someone else
prettier, perhaps less flawed
but we don’t get to choose how we are
we only grow and find our true self along the way.

Along the way, I will be heading on
from here, to another new chapter.
Give me the strength to withstand
whatever you have instored for me, Oh divine.

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