5 May 2013 – a historical day

Queue to polling station

Arrived at my polling station at 9.30 a.m. and had to walk all the way to the end of the line which was about 3km long but all was in order. Everyone seems calm and happy with their minds’ made up. It was a great picture and reassuring feeling that many people still care about this country.

While waiting in line, I wrote this poem, had to write something to commemorate this day when history of Malaysia may soon be rewritten:

On the precipice we perch,
the past behind us,
the future ahead.
Today we stand, a day of reckoning.

In line we wait,
spirits high, anxious yet excited.
The winds of change is strong,
but its direction is still unknown

A storm is brewing
but will it last or
break into a sunny day?
Only time will tell.

For once, nature is powerless,
for you and me, mortals decide.
Feel the power, make your choice
for our nation and children alike.

For two and a half hours, my husband and I stood in line. Once, I saw some foreign workers walk past but thankfully they did not join the line. There were no incidents but the line could have moved quicker if more counters were opened.

Finally, we registered and again queued to the room assigned. The school had never been so crowded but everyone was very civilised. No rowdy people here, just decent men and women who want to exercise their rights and made their voice heard.

This time around was so different from the voting day in 2008. I remembered we didn’t have to queue at all that year, just walked straight in. This time around, the crowd was massive. It could only indicate one thing – the people want their voice to be heard and they believe in their power to make the change they want to see happen.

We are now less than 24 hours to a new dawn, perhaps. Whoever ends up ruling Malaysia tomorrow must take the people’s voice seriously for we are the force and we can make the change!

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