Sexy Iron Man

Sexy Iron Man

Iron Man 3

The third instalment of Iron Man is all about Robert Downey Jr. This guy has come a long way since his drug addiction days. Perhaps it was the substances that made him such a great actor he is today.

What I love about Iron Man 3 is that it tries to humanise the superhero so that we as normal human beings can empathize with this character and not just idolise him as a fictional comic book freak with superpowers or in this case a super suit. The story picks up after the heroic event in The Avengers where Iron Man played a major part in saving mankind by preventing the aliens from invading earth. Now, the superhero has trouble sleeping due to too much anxiety from all the bad things that could happen.

Enters the villains – Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) and The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) – to wreck more havoc in the superhero’s already complicated life. These two veteran actors more than fill their roles. Ben Kingsley is hilarious (not going to tell you why, go watch the movie) and Guy Pearce is great. In short, these two unleash a dangerous weapon which threatens humanity and it’s up to Iron Man to save the world, again.

The plot is typical of a superhero movie but I love the sly humour which sees the superhero poking fun at his own character. Tony Stark or Iron Man is funny, sarcastic and egoistic but yet the audience roots for him because he still comes across as very human and this is thanks to Robert Downey Jr. fantastic interpretation and portrayal of this character.

While Gwyneth Paltrow did not get to flex her acting muscles much as Pepper Potts, she got to wear the Iron Man suit in this movie and get into some gritty action scenes. It’s refreshing and great to watch this 40-year-old lady heating up the screen. Despite her limited screen time, she is more than competent to stand shoulder to shoulder beside her stunning leading man.

Get ready for plenty of action which will please the guys and for the ladies, feast on the sexy Robert Downey Jr. He’s definitely in my list for hot actors to watch.

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