William Yau – The Blame Game is On

Police have questioned the late William Yau’s parents on suspicion of child abuse. Read full article here. The moment I read this article and shared it with my son, his first question was why were they questioning the parents and not going after the murderer?

That was the exact question in my mind. Indeed, this might be part of the police investigation process but the way the media has played out the story is that William’s parents are now the target of investigation. Another aspect which is puzzling is that almost all the allegations came from family members and relatives of the Yau couple.  The grieving parents have now become targets instead.

Strangely, I think I understand the motivation behind all this allegations, regardless of the truth in them. In the wake of this tragedy, the family members are trying to find closure and putting the blame on someone seems to be the way they have chosen to deal with this situation.

However, let’s not forget that the central focus of the investigation should still be finding the murderer and making sure that justice is served. As for whether the boy’s parents are guilty of abuse or not, I think it doesn’t really matter any longer.

On hindsight, this heart-breaking development has revealed such dark sides of human nature that it’s really scary and sad to think about it. Is humanity really going down the drain? What about compassion and forgiveness even among family members?

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