William Yau – A Price Too High to Pay

The confirmation of the death of little William Yau who went missing on Jan 16 made my heart sink to say the least. It made me question the humanity of our country chasing the dream of becoming a developed nation. It made me wonder if something more could have been done to save this boy from such a dreadful fate. Most of all, it reminded me of how precious and precarious life is.

In the growth path of every nation, progress and development is the ultimate goal. However, many examples of these developed nations showed that with the growing wealth of its population, the chasm between the ultra-rich and the poor deepens. This becomes a formula for an epidemic spread of social issues. The incessant emphasis on material comforts and achievements also sees significant deterioration in moral values, thus creating evil monsters like those of took William and sent him to his grave.

Regardless of what the parents have done wrong, they have received enough punishment as this tragedy will follow them to their grave. Then there is the bureaucratic ‘barriers’ in the search for this lost boy. Laws in Malaysia dictate that police can only take action after the subject had been missing for more than 24 hours. According to the newspaper, Netizens were the ones who first took action in searching for the boy by posting messages for help in social medias and the police only stepped in on Jan 19 (3 days after he has gone missing). Could the police have done more and acted sooner? Perhaps they should consider waiving the 24-hour waiting period for missing person’s cases involving children under 12 since kids at this age would not go missing for no reason.

Reading such sad news also made me realise how our children are losing their childhood rapidly in this age of modernisation. Gone are the days where they can roam the village (or in our case, the taman) freely or just take a ride down the road. They are now constantly reminded to take safety measures wherever they go. They will never taste the freedom of just enjoying life without any worries. Are we becoming another USA where children are preyed upon for the guilty and evil pleasures of sick and demonic monsters out there?

Spawning of evil, loss of innocent lives, diminishing childhood and loss of the age of innocence – the price of becoming a developed nation.  Some say it’s an inevitable path but I say that this path is leading to the death of humanity and eventually human race itself. Can we stop this path of destruction? Something for us to reflect on the next time we educate our children on what is most dear.

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