Shetland Ponies to Help You Choose Your Dream Vacation

”]Would you visit Scotland just to see Fivla and Vitamin? No these are not names of minerals but actual ambassadors of Visit Scotland Programme for 2013. See full article here.

These two Shetland ponies are even dressed in custom-made wool sweaters to increase their ‘cuteness’ to entice tourists to visit the country. It is not uncommon for countries to use wild life as mascots for tourism industry – Orang Utan of Malaysia, Panda of China and Kangaroo of Australia. There’s no doubt that animals have an appeal in attracting human interest.  After all, we are animals ourselves. They also make good ambassadors for conservation efforts of certain animal species.

Having said that, putting woollen sweaters on Shetland ponies is pushing it a little too far. I can just hear the stand-up comic mill running in overdrive. And honestly, the ponies looked like bloated sausages to me. It would be ridiculous to have them dressed in sweaters all the time. Poor ponies!

But then again, some people may just find them too irresistibly adorable that they have to travel to Scotland to see Fivla and Vitamin up close.  So, if you are planning your next dream vacation, you might want to consider Scotland.

Neigh. Did I just hear a pony saying no? Go figure.

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