Pole Dancing in Library, Really?

When a library in UK resorts to organising pole dancing to attract users, you know they are getting desperate. See article.

Perhaps this might work in the UK where people are more open minded but here in Malaysia, it will do more harm than good.

Firstly, pole dancing will not be permitted in libraries at here given the strict rules of conduct that our government has imposed, with good sense I might add. Secondly, should such an even take place, it will most probably attract the wrong crowd who would go there for the girls and not the books, hence creating more controversy and news for the local newspaper. Thirdly, many parents would deem this activity inappropriate since we still very much practise the Asian way of parenting.

But after all that is said, what has been done in this UK library is really refreshing as it demonstrates a new approach to get people to at least step into the library. Done in a proper setting, it provides good stimulant to help the visitors engage in a healthy activity as well nurture one’s mind with exposure to good literature.

This would be a good lesson for all libraries to draw from. Shock people by thinking out of the box. Try something new as they say. Check out your local library next time, you might just get a pleasant surprise.

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