3 Simple Steps to Happiness

It’s no wonder that with so many pressures in life these days, everyone is getting stressed out, depressed and even suicidal (now it’s deadly to be extremely unhappy). Ironically, being happy is not as impossible as many would imagine – it just depends on how you define happiness. There are also a few simple steps to put yourself closer to heaven:

Learn to Let Go – a perfectionist is always going to be unhappy about something. Since nothing is perfect in this human world, learn to live with imperfections as I have myself. Battling a mysterious neurological condition all my life, I have learned to accept my limitations and be the best I can

Find Happiness Daily – Being happy is not a perpetual state of mind, contrary to most people’s perception. Instead it is how often you are in that state that counts. After all, it is when you feel sadness that you crave for happiness. So, send your state of mind to a happy place at least once a day using food, family, friends or whatever that makes you feel good (positive things only).

Do What You Love – Yes, this tip has been said to death and it’s never as easy as it seems. No matter how hard it is, set out to find your dream and stick to achieving it. Your dream can be as simple as just writing for pleasure, as dreamy as being an actress or as practical as gaining financial independence. At the end of the day, when you know you are working towards your dream, you will be happy.

Remember, happiness is a conscious state of mind, make the right choice today.


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