A Year to Remember

In the fading last hour of 2012, I sat down to write this piece as a reflection of the year that was for me. This year, to say the least, had been an eye-opener.

The beginning of the year was marked by the tragic passing of a loved one, my granddad, whom I still sorely miss at every thought of him. Death reminded me of how most people tended to take those we love for granted until they are no more. Sad but true.

Whether it was by chance or by design, this year also marked my exit from the rat race to make it on my own. It was not an easy journey but it has been an interesting one thus far. With the support of precious family and friends, I have managed to survive till date as a freelancer.

Then it was also a year of realisation for me on many personal levels. Working from home meant spending more time with my son, which gave me much fulfilment and enlightenment. It’s amazing how much one can learn from just watching your own children grow. I saw life from a different perspective and this helped me find a small part of myself which I had lost a long time ago.

In short, this past year had been a journey of discovery for myself and of myself. I have experienced pain, joy, disappointment, discovery, realisation, enlightenment, sadness, turmoil, serenity, discouragement, strength and weakness in the past year. Nothing was as I would have expected but I wouldn’t change a thing for that’s the way life is.

There will be no New Year’s resolution for 2013. I will just do the best I can. I pray for more good things to come and sincerely wish the best for everyone in my life.

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