Bare It All

Is that what it takes to be famous nowadays? To show the whole world everything? Well, this news article seems to suggest that

Never mind the social and moral implications. This ‘event’ is actually consistent with the global evolution of ‘stardom’. These days, it’s not enough to just have substance, class or poise to be famous as most famous stars have proven – majority of them do nude scenes. But then this Malaysian couple took it to the next level, they made their own little porn movie and shared it with the world. Ta da, they become overnight sensation and would be making a great deal of money if they milk this fame machine effectively.

Funny how people crave for such vulgarity nowadays? Perhaps it’s the lack of ‘real’ human contact that has led humanity to such a degrading form of entertainment and adoration. Everyone wants a piece of the action because they can’t get any. Also, it’s scary that this young couple thinks that sharing their sex life with the world is a lovely thing to do. Where are their values? Where’s their sense of dignity? It’s really sad, don’t you think?

But then who’s getting the last laugh? The porn stars with cash in their pockets.

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