A Wish List

Ming who is turning 10 wishes for

A large ballerina Barbie doll,
A birthday party at McDonalds,
A brand new bicycle,
And perhaps a trip to Disneyland.

Isa whose pet cat, Nan, has gone missing hopes that

Nan will not be afraid,
Someone will find Nan soon,
He will see Nan on the porch in the morning,
Nothing bad has happened to Nan.

Frank, an orphan, asks for

God to bless my best friend,
More food for everyone to share,
Aidan not to bully me at school,
Someone to come and bring me home.

Lilith, a child at refugee camp, prays that

The loud noises will stop at night,
The men with guns will leave us alone
Abba will come back to us,
And we can all go home soon.

Maria, a victim of child abuse, pleads for

I will not make Papa angry today,
He will not beat Mama,
He will not beat me and little Alonso,
We’ll all be safe tonight.

Anton, a 9-year-old leukaemia patient, hopes that

I can leave this hospital soon,
I don’t have to take anymore medicine,
I can go out and play ball in the field,
I can get well and Mummy will be happy again.

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