The Amazing Spider-man (movie review)

The rebooted comic superhero movie falls short of expectations

After all the media hype, I was expecting a lot from The Amazing Spider-man but was a tad disappointed, just a tad. This version explores the same plot of the first part of the Spider-man series – how Peter Parker got his powers, his beloved uncle’s death and his eventual turn into a superhero. The major differences from the Spider-man trilogy helmed by Tobey Maguire as the lead are the events that led to Uncle Ben’s death and the love interest.

In this first instalment where Spider-man is played by Andrew Garfield, Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) was shot dead in by a robber on the run, no wrestling matches like the one with Tobey Maguire. The simplicity of the plot is to make the incident more identifiable to the audience but somehow I think this fails to bring weight to his death and lack the creative twist that is expected of a comic book story.

The other downfall could also be Andrew’s boyish looks. He simply is too good looking for the boy-next-door Peter Parker which Tobey Maguire perfected. As for Spider-man’s love interest, this time is Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), not Mary Jane. Emma and Andrew have great chemistry together but this was not enough to elevate the movie from good to great.

Having said all that, The Amazing Spider-man is still a good watch. Guys will enjoy the action sequences while gals can delight in Andrew Garfield – he’s a real eye candy, just not Spider-man material. But then again, Andrew still has the sequel to prove himself as the nerdy yet lovable Spidey that we are all familiar with and win more hearts!

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