The Iron Lady (movie review)

A bio pic based on the life and times of the first and only lady Prime Minister in the history of United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher. The title role is superbly portrayed by esteemed actress Meryl Streep who also won an Oscar for Best Actress in this role.

The movie tracks Thatcher’s political career and her significant achievements as Prime Minister in transforming the British economy, the Falkland War and her downfall in 1990. For more details of her illustrious career, go to . The script is focused on her emotional life after the death of her husband and mostly played out to the viewer in a flashback manner.

Essentially, the casting was great as Meryl Streep captured all the nuances, speech pattern and even the great Iron Lady’s aura perfectly. Being such a revered actress in the industry, no less is expected of her. But worthy of mention is Jim Broadbent who played Denis, Margaret’s husband. He was the core of the emotional premise in the movie, and put up an equally stellar performance as the man behind the woman.

A fitting tribute to the great women, the film explored the price she paid for her fame, her joys, struggles and regrets. It shades light, however selective, to project the humane side of Thatcher. It is an inspiring movie for not only woman on top but all women who want to matter in their life.

After all, it is not what we say but what we do that matters – the principal of life of the great Iron Lady.

So, ladies, we can be all we can if only we do it.

Men, watch this movie and appreciate your wives more.

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