Tintin Comes Alive!

Based on the comic series’ instalment – The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, this movie is for the young and the young at heart.

The story is about how Tintin met Captain Haddock in their quest to retrieve a sunken treasure that belongs to the Haddock family. Hot on their tail is villain Ivanovich Sakharine surprisingly voiced by Mr James Bond himself, Daniel Craig (he’s everywhere nowadays).

Now how do you make a comic adventure appealing to audiences these days especially kids? While readers of my generation used their imagination to make pictures on the pages come to life, kids these days lack the attention span to do that (Can’t blame them though cos they are continually bombarded with too many visual special effects until they don’t have much imaginative cells left in them).

Anyway, back to Tintin. Many action sequences that were not in the comic had been added to the movie with great success making this a non-stop action-packed animated feature. It is truly fun to watch, especially in 3D, adding more ‘kaboom’ to the already suspenseful plot.

However, for me, the action scenes are just icing on the cake. The essence is whether the animators managed to capture the spirit of the comic characters and translate them well on the silver screen. And I’m happy say aye, aye, captain.

The bravery, wit and adventurous spirit of Tintin are all there. I especially love to watch the clever Snowy in action. Not to mention the bumbling yet so likeable and comical Captain Haddock. They have all come alive and are larger than life now thanks to the fantastic animation technology.

There’s promise for another instalment of the Tintin series at the end of the movie…and I can’t wait!

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