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Last night, I went for the opening night of What’ll Break You/Apocalips. Yes, you read it right, 2 titles, and 2 plays in 1 night. This is Catwoman Productions and Big Eyes Entertainment’s second collaboration after The Good Body, with the directorial debut of Ida Nerina and produced by Susan Lankester. Impressed yet? Wait till you see the cast members – seasoned stage actors Dato’ Zahim Albakri and Gavin Yap and good looking newcomers Vince Chong, Ash Nair, Stephanie Van Driensen and Tania Khan.

Now on with the first play – What’ll Break You. Albakri played a convicted murderer. Gavin is a lawyer who visits Albakri in jail. The audience got to find out the truth behind the murder and there’s a twist at the end of the play. Like pros, Albakri and Gavin handled their roles immaculately with just the right emotional projections to keep the audience enthralled. Voice projection and articulation was marvellous. Ash had a small role as the prison guard.

After a 10-minute break, the Apocalips was next. The play brought together 3 couples on New Year’s eve when those who kiss with their partners will explode as suggested by the play’s title. Ash and  Tania played a couple fighting about Ash’s commitment issues. Albakri played a senator lusting for his young intern’s (played by Stephanie) love. And the oddest yet wittiest couple is played by Gavin and Vince – a gay couple. Catch here is Vince is a priest and Gavin is his lover. Each couple explored a different aspect of human relationships with surprising results.

Though some of the themes in this 2 plays are somewhat cliché, the witty lines keep the plot fresh and palatable. Besides exceptional performances by Albakri and Gavin, worthy of mention is Vince who is new to play acting but yet delivers great comic timing to bring humour to his character. Though Ash’s efforts are commendable, his amateurism is apparent in the delivery of his lines which were at times muffled. The girls, Tania and Stephanie, did not sparkle, probably due to their slightly stereotyped roles. All in all, the 2 plays were still entertaining and at times thought-provoking. Kudos to Zahim Albakri and Gavin Yap for excellent acting, Ida Nerina for her first commendable directing effort (from her wheelchair nonetheless) and Ivan Yeo for his debut as a playwright. Go watch this play and be entertained. Go to for more details.

On a side note, celebrities spotted among the crowd – Ning Baizura, Kavitha Sidhu, Maya Karin, Jit Murad and Lina Teoh … and I absolutely luuuuurve Gavin Yap – such young talent with such a cute face. J

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